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The manufacture of products in Zamak is synonymous with quality, resistance and affordability, with total respect for the environment. Zamak is a zinc alloy with various qualities: it is a versatile material whose production off-cuts can be reused, thereby reducing energy consumption.

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Vacuum forming is an innovative technique adopted by the company to make Zamak pressure die-casting as affordable and efficient as possible. By removing the air from the alloy, greater compactness and resistance is achieved, providing thicknesses as low as 1mm.

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In 1958 the company broke into the world of pressure die-casting for various alloys, developing skills and experience in the production of mono-products in zinc alloys. This would then lead the company to become a leader in its sector and in the market, thanks to its impressive competitiveness and skill.

A 50 year old foundry

50 years which have defined the company's constant growth, consisting in obstacles but above all extraordinary success, affording the company recognition by industrial giants in the international market.
We are specialised in casting light zamak and zinc alloys. Our production process extends from the die engineering to their actual creation.

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Thanks to our impressive industry experience, we can guarantee and certify the quality of all our products.